Sectional Title Management

Sectional Title Property Management

Ellenberger & Kahts offers Body Corporates in Sectional Title Schemes complete management and administration of their properties. Such schemes include apartment complexes, townhouses, or commercial buildings. Sectional Title Property Management and Administration has become some of the most common type of property ownership in South Africa and Ellenberger & Kahts is fully equipped to handle this!

Comprehensive Property Management

Ellenberger & Kahts is responsible for collecting levies or fees from owners, maintaining common areas, organizing repairs and maintenance, and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations for and on behalf of Body Corporates.

Integrated Financial Management

Efficient Maintenance Coordination

Legal Compliance and Dispute Resolution

Expert Sectional Management

Ellenberger & Kahts has expertise in property management, financial management, legal matters, and communication with owners and residents. It is important for Body Corporates to engage a professional management company like Ellenberger & Kahts who has the experience in sectional title management in order to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of their Sectional Title properties.

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